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October 15, 2013
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1 - Episode 2 - Sassy hand on hip is sassy. Wash, you're such a mom sometimes.

2 - Episode 2 again. Nope. Couldn't let it go. They get their own rooms lol?

3 - Episode 3. Okay so Wash helping Tucker was kindof adorable.

4 - Wash disapproves of my inability to fill space. :I

5 - Episode 6 - Good banter between these two. >u<

6 - Episode 9 - ....might've drawn Caboose as a black woman. Yup. That's what has happened here. Miles, your Dark Chocolate is showing

7 - The fact that this joke wasn't used is both a relief and a disappointment.

8 - PSA! The resemblance is uncanny. That or Grif is a REALLY good actor.

9 - EARLY FELIX DESIGN?! Also just playing with linelessness.

That's all I got, guys. Sorry :T

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Kirby-of-Fire Jan 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
2.) Poor Wash. What is seen can never be unseen. -_- Also, DEM CHEEKS. *Ahem* err...*scuttles away*

3.) Adorable indeed. :3 Btw, am I the ONLY one who is shipping the hell out of Wash/Tucker? The pairing never came to mind until Season 11. <.< 
Blind-Kidd Dec 20, 2013  Student Digital Artist
i love these all,
ahh well these are all so perfect and black caboose made me giggle
MsJillyJelly Dec 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Everything about this is so perfect - especially Tucker's butt ;P 
Ironlantern723 Nov 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice touch with the Jason and the Pulloffs poster in Tuckers room.
Iceey23 Nov 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh Felix is slowly becoming fan favorite :D

Haha, good to be seeing stuff from you again! I'm liking the Felix design, too. I'm not sure if it totally fits what we've seen of him as well as your other designs fit their characters, but we haven't exactly gotten to know him as well as the others, have we? Plus it's still really well don--HEY wait a minute, whatever happened to your Wash having the gray hair?

Jspx Oct 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"I'm not sure if it totally fits what we've seen of him as well as your other designs fit their characters, but we haven't exactly gotten to know him as well as the others, have we?"
Haha, pretty much-- This here is the first attempt, I'm sure his design will go through it's paces the more we see of him ^^ The other designs have been tweaked over the years :B

I made him sorta scruffy because he's in a wartorn part of the planet man shampoo and razors are hard to find. He seems young to me, too, judging by his voice and mannerisms, so he has pretty big eyes XD 

What do you imagine him looking like? ^^

Grey Haired Wash has been replaced with Blonde Wash! There was a scene in season 10 where you could see the back of his head, and it was blonde :P
Tragedy, I know.
What do I think he looks like? No idea on specifics of my own, but I think I can nail down a few changes I would've made from your model, if you don't mind.


Well, I would've made his hair a bit less full on the upper-rear and rear-top, but looking at your other sketch of him, most of it seems to be a trick of the viewing angle. Still might've made it a bit less than it is, though.

His eyes might be a bit smaller, more of the skeevy con-artist/street theif look. I don't think he *is*, it just seems to fit better to my mental image of when I think of him talking. Then again, the eyes as you have them do seem to fit the scenes you've done so far-- I think more of the parts where he was whispering to the Lopezes and staring down Locus, so the narrow-eye sneakylook flows naturally from those situations; when I think of what his expression would do in the scenes you did, it pretty much syncs up with yours, and I can see it in a couple other scenes too.

Past that, I don't know much else. Maybe have his nose be less wide? Eh, everything else falls into place. I definitely don't disagree with the probable lack of shampoo and razors.

And with GrayWash, the view of his hair was still from the old days, right? I mean sure, that means it would've started out blonde instead of black, but I think the strain still could've had that effect on him. Hell, even if it was after the incident that we saw his hair, just the stress of living with the aftermath of the incident could've been enough of a drain on his system to cause a change like that.
Jspx Oct 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Don't mind at all, but I feel the need to justify the choices I made so wall of text inbound ^^'

I gave him a bush of hair to emphasize his unkemptness-- again, he's been out in the jingweeds for who knows how long and has more pressing matters to attend to. His hair is not meant to be pretty. 
And in my little world younger people have longer hair XD; 

Big eyes were to make him more genuine. I don't see him as an inherently bad guy, and something about his appearance should suggest that. The rest of his disheveled looks are due to circumstances, not to his own nature. Time will tell though, and I must admit I am weak for the "con-artist/street-thief "idea XD
So it's not to say he CAN'T be disingenuous or scheming, and his look will reflect him if/when he is. :)

I gave him a broad noes to suggest some sort of ethnicity, because society is cruel and the lower classes are rarely pale. I know Felix himself is not of this planet, but being a mercenary is not entirely typical so I'm guessing he chose that lifestyle out of necessity...possibly coming from a low social strata himself? There may be more than just money keeping him loyal to the rebellion - a pseudo kinship, maybe?

I concede that I'm extrapolating a lot about him, and am most likely wrong about all of it. I do expect his look to change the more we find out about him. ^^'

And it must be said, a lot of it has to do with making him not look too similar to Tucker. XD;

Re: GrayWash - True. Although, I'd expect blonde hair to recede to white as opposed to grey, but that's just me. ^^

To be honest, I really only made him have grey hair originally because he had grey armor, and when you're a nooble like I was at the time and all the characters looked the same, color was all I had to distinguish them. But then I liked it so much I built an elaborate rationale/headcanon to justify it XD Admitting defeat and just making him blonde is also distancing myself from my younger iteration. Which I am all in favor for XD

It must be said, I do miss him having black/grey hair (and the reasoning behind it: that he has undergone a strain that is permanently etched into his appearance) :T It's all very complicated. 

Vampyna Oct 17, 2013  Student General Artist
OMG your back at DA!!!! ;)
I love it, especially the pieces with Wash and Tucker!!!
Good job, can't wait to get to know the Felix-Character more
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